This Cannabis Water Is Supposed to Help You Work Out

spliffmag June 9, 2017 0
This Cannabis Water Is Supposed to Help You Work Out

Colorado-based cannabis extraction company Puration unveils its latest creation with the EVERx CBD Infused Water — boasting itself as “The Premiere CBD Sports Beverage.”

If you’re wondering, the water product is treated with CBD, also known as cannabidiol — although, it does not contain any intoxicating effects such as those caused by THC in marijuana, but it does aid in reducing anxiety, inflammation and pain.

A press release from Puration’s philosophy suggest that its product might be the key for a better workout too. “CBD is an ideal component of a pre and post workout regime. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle spasms. CBD also works to relieve pain. CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain. Often essential when it comes to high intensity and competitive training, CBD reduces nausea, increases appetite and aides sleep. Ongoing research continues in regard to CBD as a treatment for sports related head trauma. CBD is not just a good addition to an athletes training regime; It can be the foundation of a healthy wellness routine for everyone.”

Residents of Colorado will be able to test the product first and according to Puration’s website, the company expects to sell $1 million worth of the EVERx CBD Infused Water bottles throughout this year alone.

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