This $300,000 Bong Is for Sale at the Chateau Marmont Art Show

spliffmag September 19, 2017 0
This $300,000 Bong Is for Sale at the Chateau Marmont Art Show

So, how much are you willing to pay to get high? Chances are it probably doesn’t come anywhere close to six figures, but for art dealer Mr. Grey, he’s targeting a more high-profile clientele.

The 22-year-old college dropout recently (temporarily) relocated to Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, bringing 25 out-of-this-world pieces along with him, including a bong (“Vahana”) that is going for an insane $300,000 USD.

While Mr. Grey doesn’t like to out his celebrity clients, he has however stated that he “would love for Johnny Depp to come by, Leonardo DiCaprio — who is an amazing [art] collector — and I’d love to see Justin Bieber down here.”

Grey was born in New York before being raised in Connecticut, and as previously mentioned, he’s currently enjoying a temporary stay at the Chateau Marmont for an undisclosed amount of time. If you’re in the area, you can hit up the hotel to check out his incredible selection of pieces, ranging from $5,000 to $300,000 USD.

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